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 Mayor's Report 

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Eden R. Ratliff 
Borough Manager

The Borough of Greencastle Council and Mayor
Press Release
Special Council Meeting Friday August 3rd at 4:00p.m.

The Borough Council and Mayor will convene at 4:00p.m. on Friday August 3rd to hold a Special Council Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to consider the organization of Council and any other business that may come before Council.

The meeting will be held in Borough Hall, 60 N. Washington Street and will be open to the public. The public is encouraged to attend.

The regular Council Meeting scheduled for Monday August 6th at 7:00p.m. will take place as scheduled. The Administration & Finance Committee Meeting scheduled for Friday August 3rd at 1:00p.m. will also take place as scheduled.

Community participation in encouraged at all public meetings.

-End of Press Release-






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