Planning & Zoning Commission

Meets second Monday, 6:00 pm (only as needed)

J. Edgar Wine, Chairman
Ralph C. Burdick, Vice-Chairman
Tony Homer, Member
James H. Thomas, Member
Guy W. Camp, III, Member

Civil Service Commission

Meets as required

Daniel Timmons, Jr., Chairman
Harry Myers, Member
Douglas Bitner, Member

Shade Tree Commission

Meets fourth Wednesday, 5:00 p.m.

Jeremy Layman, Chairman
Ann Schnabel, Member
Doug Beltzner, Member

Shade Tree Planting Requirements and Permit Application

Zoning Hearing Board

Meets fourth Thursday or as advertised

Michele Emmett, Chairwoman
Lori Facchina, Member
Jeffrey S. Evans, Esq., Lawyer
Jackie Smith, Court Reporter

Greencastle, Franklin County, Authority

Meets third Monday of Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct, 6:30 pm

Greencastle Area, Franklin County, Water Authority

Meets third Monday, 6:45 pm

Joel Amsley, Chairman
Barry Kerr, Member
Zachary Burt, Member

Service on a Commission, Board or Authority

Members serve without compensation but do receive a mileage reimbursement for attendance at meetings if requested. Please contact the Borough if you would be interested in serving.