Two types of permits are required before construction may be undertaken within the Borough limits: a Land Use/Zoning Permit and a Building Permit.

Building Permits are issued in compliance with the Uniform Construction Code of Pennsylvania. Although this law was adopted by the State of Pennsylvania, administration of the Code is the responsibility of municipalities. The UCC of Pennsylvania further stipulates that this administration may be undertaken in one of two ways:

  • Directly by staff employed by the municipality; or,
  • Delegated to one or more professional, state-approved organizations.

Like most small Boroughs within Pennsylvania, Greencastle has chosen the latter of these two methods of administration (see the list of our contracted inspection organizations below).

Generally speaking, the permitting process always begins with submission of a Land Use/Zoning Permit Application to the Borough. If a property owner is modifying the use of a structure only, a building permit might not be required, however, a Land Use/Zoning Permit would be necessary. Permits are issued by the Zoning Officer once it is determined that all documentation has been submitted and the application is in compliance with all necessary ordinances.

Land Use/Zoning Permit

Zoning in the Borough of Greencastle is governed by the Code of the Borough, Chapter 205, Zoning. The Zoning Ordinance states that no building in any district may be erected, reconstructed or restored, or structurally altered, without an appropriate permit issued by the Borough (Land Use/Zoning Permit - Application and Addendum to Zoning Permit [Workers Compensation Insurance Certification]). No permit may be issued unless the proposed construction or use is in full conformity with all provisions of the Zoning Ordinance (see also the Zoning Map or Historic District Maps). Property owners who are uncertain whether a permit is required should contact the Borough office at 717-597-7143 for clarification. Permits are valid for 18 months. Property owners or contractors who wish to obtain a Building Permit must first obtain a Land Use/Zoning Permit from the Borough Zoning Officer. The Land Use/Zoning Permit is required to ensure the proposed use/improvement complies with Borough regulations.

Application and Supplementary Forms

Those seeking a Land Use/Zoning Permit must submit an application, which must include a drawing of the proposed project including the dimensions of the improvement and its position relative to all property lines. Additionally, applicants must submit an Addendum to Zoning Permit which certifies who will be completing the project and provides for verification of worker's compensation insurance or an affidavit of exemption if work is to be done by the homeowner. Contractors must provide a current Certificate of Insurance with each Addendum to Zoning Permit submitted.

Land Use/Zoning Permit Fees

Fees for a Land Use/Zoning Permit are due upon approval of an Application and are based upon the value of the improvements to the property. In determining the value of the improvements, a resident or homeowner must include the fair market value of their labor in the overall cost of the improvements. Payments for approved permits must be made with cash or check only.

Fee Table

Up to $1,000 $25.00
$1,000 and over $25.00 plus $1.00 for each $1,000 of improvement over $1,001

Building Permits

After obtaining the required Land Use/Zoning Permit, the applicant must apply for a Building Permit at one of three building code inspection services who have been authorized by the Borough to issue building permits. Applicants must present the Borough's Land Use/Zoning Permit along with their Building Permit Application before the provider will issue a Building Permit. Each provider has a Building Permit Application form and they may require additional plans or documentation, consistent with the requirements of the Uniform Construction Code, before a permit is issued. After issuance of a Building Permit, the permittee/project manager must coordinate with inspectors employed by the authorized organization in each area of specialty undertaken during a construction project to do on-site inspections at various junctures specified in your Building Permit documents.

PA Municipal Code Alliance
405 Wayne Avenue
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Phone: 717-496-4996

Commonwealth Code Inspection Service
1102 Sheller Avenue Avenue
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Phone: 717-262-0081

Accredited Services Construction Code Inspection Agency
P.O. Box 127
48 S. Potomac Street
Waynesboro, PA 17268
Phone: 717-762-7065