Can an Owner/Landlord turn off water as part of an eviction process?
No. Water will be turned off (a) only after the billing/notification process has been completed and as a final resort in the collection of unpaid bills or (b) if requested as part of a vacation or out-of-town notification by the owner. There is a $50 reconnect fee for any shut-off or reconnection of services (one-time fee). Homeowners are asked to provide 48-hour notice of their return so that water can be restored before they return home.

Can I get my meter read?
Meters are only read by Borough personnel to determine actual usage for billing. Any additional meter reads are done only if there is a marked increase in usage or another situation indicating a potential problem. The Borough does not provide meter reads to dispute a bill.

Can tenants be billed directly for water/sewer service?
No; all water and sewer bills are sent to the owner(s) of the property or business. Tenants can come into the Borough Office for a copy of the bill.

Does the Borough manage waste collection or hauling?
No; waste collection is contracted individually by residents. Consult the phone book or Internet for area waste companies. Borough residents are eligible for a free “dump” card for use at the Waste Management facility in Upton where free disposal is provided on site every Saturday.

Do you need a permit for a Yard Sale?
Yes; residents must obtain a permit for each Yard Sale they have up to the limit of three (3) per year. There is no fee for a Yard Sale Permit.

Do you need a permit if you are demolishing a property?
Yes, you need a permit, but there is no fee.

How do I check for a water leak in my home?
You can conduct a die test by placing a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank and letting it sit overnight. If there is colored water in your toilet bowl in the morning, you have a leak. Secondly, check for leaking faucets/plumbing inside and outside your home and property. Additionally, you should check any hot water heaters, water softeners or dishwashers if you have them as equipment malfunction can result in escalated water usage.

How do I contact the Mayor?
The Mayor can be reached by calling 717-597-2529 or emailing

How do I get a permit to sell items in the Borough or at Borough events?
Solicitations are processed through the Greencastle Police Department.

How do I report a street light outage?
You can either contact our police department with the pole # and the location or submit a street light outage form on West Penn Power’s website.