Boy Scout Troop 99 of Greencastle recently toured the Greencastle Area, Franklin County, Water Authority plant as part of a series of activities working toward their chemistry merit badges. The group included seven scouts, aged 11 to 17, Assistant Scout Master Jason Weiber, and four adults. The tour was led by Chief Water Plant Operator Davy Vosburg, III and Operator Perry French who walked the scouts and guests through the water plant following the treatment process from collection to distribution.

Assistant Scout Master Weiber said of the tour: “we wanted to ask where does our water come from? What happens to it before it comes to us? What tests are done? You don’t think about it when your turn on the faucet at home.”

The scouts and the adults found the presentation very informative and asked many questions throughout the tour. Said Cindy Long, parent to two of the scouts, “[The tour was beneficial because] it showed the process and where the water goes and all the steps taken to get water to the public.” She added, “Whenever you give a child a chance to tour they’ll remember so much more.”

Said Vosburg, “I thought the tour went well with the kids. They asked about nitrates and chlorine and other great questions. I hope they learned something and maybe come back as adults to work in the plant.”

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