Annual Vegetation Management Aerial Patrols to Begin in June

Beginning on or around June 12, 2022 (weather permitting), First Energy Flight Ops will be conducting Annual Vegetation Management Aerial Patrols. The project is expected to conclude in September 2022.

Vegetation Aerial Patrols will cover all transmission facilities system-wide annually and are intended to identify conditions that may be a threat to the safety and reliability of the transmission system. The helicopter will be flying at a speed of about 35-40 mph above or alongside the lines and may circle around for a closer inspection if needed.

Vegetation Aerial Patrols cover all transmission facilities system-wide annually and are intended to identify conditions that may be a threat to the safety and reliability of the transmission system. The pilot will be in communication with any local Airports, when in their airspace.

If you have any questions, please contact Shayne Smith, Regional External Affairs Consultant, at 800-545-7741.

Borough Construction Projects Update

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There will be multiple construction projects within the Borough over the next several days and weeks. Residents are asked to be aware of potential traffic delays, detours and flaggers at each site. .

The Borough of Greencastle (Canadochly Construction) will be executing a grant funded project to install ADA curb ramps at the intersections of Rowe Avenue and S. Ridge Avenue, and Addison Avenue and S. Ridge Avenue. Work is expected to take one month to complete barring any delays.

Doli Construction will begin finalizing N. Carlisle Street projects on April 14.

Columbia Gas will be working on Washington Street from Grant Street to Dahlgren, and Cedar Lane from Chambers Lane to Maple Avenue.

Ganoe Paving will begin working mid-May on the S. Jefferson Street restoration project.

Marie Eshleman Recognized for Volunteer Service to Greencastle

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On Monday, April 4th, Marie Eshleman was recognized by the Borough of Greencastle with a special tree dedication ceremony. Surrounded by Mayor Ben Thomas, Jr., Borough staff, members of her congregation, and friends, Marie was surprised with an official Mayoral proclamation and plaque. The long-time gardener has dedicated countless volunteer hours over many years planting and maintaining flowers in the Square, Post Office and throughout Greencastle.

Borough Manager Emilee Little said, “Marie is an integral part of Greencastle’s local fabric. Without fail, she tirelessly works to add color and vibrancy to Borough buildings and landmarks, sometimes around the clock. She is the epitome of volunteerism and community service, and a shining example of the difference one person can make.”

Eshleman, a long-time resident of Greencastle had overseen flower maintenance for many years. Working with Borough staff, she heads a volunteer team planting, weeding, and watering flower gardens throughout the spring and summer months and then removes bulbs for storage at the Waste Water Treatment Plant over the winter. Her flower beds can be seen at the Borough Office, Police Department, Post Office, along Interstate 81 interchanges, at churches, businesses, and other locations throughout the Borough and Antrim Township.

Mayor Thomas, in his proclamation said, “Marie has and continues to be a steward of our Greencastle community with flower and plant beautification projects and green thumb care. …Therefore, be it resolved, that on behalf of the citizens of Greencastle, I honor and celebrate Marie Eshleman for your love of community and beautification stewardship that is observed daily by our residents and visitors.”

Added Little, “Marie adds joy to the Borough of Greencastle in the beautiful plants she provides for the public and in her example of selflessness to improving the environment and aesthetic of Greencastle. We are completely grateful for all that she and her team do.”

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