Bulk Day Postponed Until September 18 and 19

Bulk Day

The Borough of Greencastle will conduct its annual bulk item drop-off on Friday, September 18 from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday, September 19, from 7 to 10:30 a.m. Bulk items will be accepted at the Borough maintenance facility, 40 West Mifflin Lane, located at the south end of Jerome King Playground.

The Borough will not accept electronics. Individuals are reminded that this Program is offered solely to Borough residents and Borough residency identification will be required at the entrance. Borough residents are also encouraged to plan ahead and use this opportunity to work with their neighbors and/or neighborhood groups to transport acceptable bulk items that have accumulated.

Below is a sample list of items that will be accepted and those that will not be accepted:

-Household Appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators,
stoves, washers and dryers
-Household Furniture
-Air Conditioners
-Vehicle Batteries: Only 1 vehicle battery per license
-Mattresses and Box Springs
-Lawn Equipment: Mowers, weed trimmers, etc.
-Miscellaneous Bulk Items: Patio furniture, grills, swings,
play sets, ladders, coolers, etc.
-Scrap Metal
-Tires: 17 inches or smaller only. DISPOSAL FEE is $3.00

-Electronics: TVs, computers, monitors, keyboards, stereos,
-Household Trash/Garbage/Waste
-Liquids or Hazardous Waste: Paints, thinners, cleaners, oils
-Yard Waste: Leaves, shrubs, tree clippings, etc.
-Construction/Demolition Material: Lumber, drywall, sheeting,
roofing materials, floor covering materials
-Propane/Gas Bottles or Containers
-Concrete, Rocks, Bricks, Slabs
-Batteries (other than one car battery per license)

NOTE: THE BOROUGH RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY ITEMS WHICH IT DEEMS UNSUITABLE FOR DROP OFF OR HANDLING. For more details, contact the Borough at 717-597-7143 extension 301 or 104.

Columbia Gas to Begin Replacing Gas Lines and Meters on N. Carlisle


Columbia Gas is expected to begin work to replace gas lines and relocate gas meters in homes on N. Carlisle Street starting January 23. Officials anticipate the work will take at least three months to complete and residents will be notified at least one week prior by Columbia Gas.

During the projected work, residents will be contacted by a representative of Columbia Gas as to when their property will be impacted. Additionally, residents who usually park on the street may be required to park off-street or find alternative parking. Calls or questions regarding the project should be directed to the number located on the literature provided by Columbia Gas.

Said borough Manager Lorraine Hohl, “As this project is the sole responsibility of Columbia Gas, the Borough has no direct control over the scope of work or scheduling. I recognize that there will be inconveniences, but I hope that the greater safety the improved lines and meters will provide will be of far greater importance for our citizens.”

Project officials have committed to the Borough that any impacts to sidewalks will be limited to a one square sized piece and any repairs will be at the expense of Columbia Gas. Property owners will not be expected to replace any sidewalk damage as a result of the gas line or gas meter replacements.

Leaf Collection Program Ending

The fall leaf collection program will end on Friday, December 13. There will be no further collections after next Friday. Anyone with questions can call the Borough at 717-597-7143.